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I think you'll have better luck with recipes that don't try to mimic sandwich bread.

Look at flat bread recipes, or quick bread recipes that use baking powder and a gluten free grain. If your mother can tolerate corn, a corn bread recipe that doesn't use wheat flour would be an example. (I see mixed info re gluten intolerance and corn.) You can make something similar to corn bread with oat, buckwheat flour etc.

Here's a list of grains and whether they have gluten or not.


Here's a millet and flax sandwich bread recipe:



Haven’t found any good wheat free bread recipes yet (they seem grtity or just, something’s wrong), have been looking because my mother is gluten intolerant.Will keep looking, for both of you, and hope that anyone reading this may be able to help.


Good info--thanks!


I think You do a great job. Thanks

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